How Many Flowers Are In Standard Bridal Bouquet?

Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet plays a significant role at all wedding ceremonies. It is the main thing that the bride holds in her hands as she walks down the aisle. The bouquet also plays an essential role in traditional bouquet toss. Any bridal bouquet should be designed in a way to pair the floral embellishments at the wedding-that should also incorporate any other flowers decorating the reception room or the altar.

In addition, it should also match well with bridesmaid flower bouquets-however, it should be larger and more prominent. All these facts are general knowledge. Perhaps, the common question that many brides inquire about bridal bouquets has to deal with flower sizes. More specific, the number of flowers that should be included in a bridal bouquet. This content will provide you with more info.

  1. Choosing the Flower.

There is no specific or “symbolic” number of flowers bridegroom and bride is expected to incorporate in their bridal bouquet. Rather, the total number of flowers to be incorporated in your bridal bouquet is purely determined by the flowers you have selected for your bouquet.

And because various flower types differ considerably especially in size, that implies that different bridal bouquets will have different number of blossoms.

For example, let’s consider roses. Roses exist in different sizes, from small to large-size blossoms. To completely fill your bridal bouquet, you may need between 20-30 blossoms. Then based on the number of flowers you have used in your bridal bouquet, you will calculate the number of your bridesmaids’ bouquets. Perhaps, you will need 10 or 20 roses and larger ones for maid of honour.

Besides, when you go for flowers with significant blossoms such as hydragens, you will need fewer flowers to fill your bridal bouquet then throw in some flower accents to fill the remaining spaces.

  1. Other Factors to Consider.

The flower is not only the sole thing you should consider when determining on the size of the bridal bouquet. You will also want to consider your budget. Secondly you will need to determine the weight you want to carry around during your wedding day.

So if you are operating under a very tight budget, you may need to downsize everything so as to save some bucks. Bear in your mind that your budget will play a central role in your entire planning including the wedding photos, so don’t over budget!

Another thing you may want to consider is weight. Though having one thousand stems in your bridal bouquet is amazing it turn to be very tiresome to carry around when taking pictures.

Also, remember that your maid of honour will be there to hold her bouquet as well as yours so calculate well the weight of flowers to be in her bouquet as well in your bouquet. That will save her from much weightlifting exercises.